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Teleos The Milks Mango Lassi

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Teleos the Millks | The Vapenation Shop Hong Kong (HK) | 香港電子煙專門店

Once upon a time this drink was considered exotic,  but these days there's an Indian restaurant in every large, medium, (and most) small cities in America. Needless to say, Teleos is very fond of this beverage and hopes you are as well.

Teleos brightened up the mango a bit, as well as added the slightest touch of citrus to bring out the sourness in a smooth way.

They call it a Mango Lassi, but we suppose it would be more fair to call it a Teleos Lassi.

Primary Flavors:  Mango, Yogurt, Whole Milk, Sugar

PG/VG Ratio:  30% PG / 70% VG

Bottle Sizes:  60ml

Made in USA | The Vapenation Shop Hong Kong (HK) | 香港電子煙專門店