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Jimmy the Juiceman Frozen Fuzz

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Jimmy the Juiceman | The Vapenation Shop Hong Kong (HK) | 香港電子煙專門店

Jimmy the Juiceman presents: Frozen Fuzz

Words cannot describe how absolutely mind-blowing this stuff is. This is an absolute mind-blowing mix of flavor. Crisp, refreshing, super sweet and juicy peaches swirled with the purest, thickest, and most creamiest yogurt, mixed with a sweet and secret base. Frozen fuzz is delightful, creamy, and full-bodied yet light and sweet perfection!

Primary Flavors:  Peach, Yogurt

Bottle Sizes:  60ml

PG/VG Ratio:30/70

Made in USA | The Vapenation Shop Hong Kong (HK) | 香港電子煙專門店

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